The Oaks Historic District

Preserving historic beaumont....

The Oaks Historic District Neighborhood Association is engaged within the community. It has raised funds and established, with the support of the City of Beaumont, the Ida Reed Dog Park at Louisiana Street and 7th. It is the only Dog Park in the entire Golden Triangle area.

The Oaks strongly supports Beaumont Main Street's efforts to promote the use and re-purpose of old downtown structures. To that end, the Oaks maintains a spectacular presence at both "Yappy Hour" and the famous "Dogtoberfest, most recently held on October 2nd and 4th, 2014, respectively. Be sure to come see us at 2015's events!

Additionally, The Oaks sponsored landscaping for both Pecos Blvd. and Beech St. through partnerships with the City of Beaumont and the Magnolia Garden Club. Additional landscaping for the renovated 7th Street corridor is in the works! Come to our next monthly neighborhood association meeting to find out more. 

Last but not least, the Oaks is providing Art Bike Racks along Calder. A design contest was held and four winners  have been chosen. The racks  are being fabricated and will soon be complete. Get on that bike and head for Calder and enjoy!